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Waterville Shockers Booster Club Meeting 4/11/2022

WSBC April 11th, 2022, Meeting Minutes (Minutes approved on May 10th, 2022)

Meeting was called to order by President Owen Drew at 6:30 PM. Also present were Hilary Nelson, Heath Jordan, Owen Viebrock, Braxton Jessup, Kimberly Gormely, and Kathy Thornton.

Guests present: Brian Munson, Jenny Munson, Ruth Martin, Jessica Grey and a contingent of cheerleader supporters.

Absent members: Derek Browning and Stephanie Stibal.

The minutes were presented; Ty moved to accept as written, Heath seconded; approved.

In the absence of the treasurer, Derek Browning, no treasurer's report was submitted.


  1. Activity post season support:

This was presented first in the interest of discussing the cheerleader concerns.

The cheerleaders expect the same level of support as sports teams.

They state they have received signage in the past, said the coaches feel they are part of the team, and they work hard and are expected to be at the games and go to state as well. Considerable discussion took place, booster club members agreed to ponder the situation and determine if policy changes need to be implemented or changed. We will take the topic up again at our next meeting.


  1. Fun Run:

Scheduled for May 21st, 2022, with start times scheduled between 9 and 11 AM at Knemeyer's.

Discussion regarding signage, county roads, private roads, various stops and the number miles took place. Heath presented a sample map and Ty will figure the mileage to determine if it is a good mileage for the run.

Owen V. asked about liability and board member roles for the run.

Kimberly said we need places to stop and people to help at stops.

Owen V, Hilary, and Kimberly all offered to help with stops.

Braxton will focus on organization and paperwork.

The parking of trailers for the side by sides was discussed, but it was determined that could be up to the participants, the truck turn around might be a good option.

Entry fee was discussed and while other runs have a higher fee, we agreed on &25 for 5 cards and an extra card would be $5.

Perhaps there could be an option to purchase to purchase another card at the end but will revisit that idea.

Heath suggested the payout needs to be in the marketing materials.

Ty said 20 percent of the proceeds for the first and 10 percent for second winners as we don't know what the proceeds will be.

The club discussed how many we expect and if the run would be worth it. It was agreed we can try it once and see if it is worth doing again, and perhaps the idea will grow as there are many people who appreciate the concept.

Jessica said we are welcome to start and stop at Knemeyer's and all agreed supporting local business is good.

Next Meeting, May 10th, 2022, 6:30 PM at Knemeyer's.

Respectfully submitted, Kathy Thornton, Secretary.

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